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Mister Icon app running on iPhone XS and iPad Pro
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Mister Icon is an app that allows you to easily add labels/categories/headings to your iOS home screen, in the form of decorative text-based icons.  Please visit the About page for more details about what the app does and does not do.

Sample text icon labels from Mister Icon app

Latest Updates

The Mister Icon app has had some significant updates in recent months.

The latest update (2.2) introduces 2 new icon sets, UPPER and LOWER, available in all 12 different colours.

The previous update (2.1) included 9 new icons, bringing the number of icon labels to 141 in each icon set.

The update before that (2.0) was a particularly special release that introduced a range of coloured wallpapers designed to match the icons. Different wallpapers are available for different iOS device types, from the small iPhone SE through to the gigantic 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Here's just a sample of the options available.

Sample wallpapers from the Mister Icon app

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Here is a quick 30 second promotional video about the Mister Icon app.

Here is a more extensive video that demonstrates how the Mister Icon app works.

iPhone 6 Plus Silhouette
Mister Icon Screenshot 1 - Text icon labels to organise your home screenMister Icon Screenshot 2 - Sort your apps into neat categoriesMister Icon Screenshot 3 - 12 different colour options for each iconMister Icon Screenshot 4 - More than 140 ready-made text icons in multiple styles and colours
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If you have any feedback, suggestions for future icons, or just want to say 'Hi', I'd love to hear from you.
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