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These wallpapers can be used to help make Mister Icon's icons blend into the background.*

Simply pick a wallpaper above that matches the background of the icons you are using.

Please scroll down for detailed instructions if required.

Sample Screenshot of white icons created with Mister Icon app on white wallpaper

For example, if you are using icons with a solid white background, you can set a white wallpaper on your device and the icons will look like they are just hovering in space.*


Prior to iOS 10, home screen wallpapers retained their correct colours, so it was possible to have a virtually seamless effect using any of the wallpapers above.

iOS 10 introduced a feature/bug where all home screen wallpapers were automatically darkened by the operating system so that it was impossible to have particularly light coloured wallpapers. So for example, a plain white wallpaper would look plain white on iOS 9 and earlier, but on iOS 10 the same wallpaper would look grey.

Thankfully, iOS 10.2 appears to have fixed this problem (for some colours at least), so the seamless effect is now possible once again!

After testing several different iOS devices and iOS versions, the results of my investigations are shown in the table below.

Seamless Wallpaper Compatibility

Colour iOS 9 & Below
iOS 10
iOS 10.2+
iOS 10.2+
Mister Icon Black Wallpaper SwatchBlack YES YES YES YES
Mister Icon White Wallpaper SwatchWhite YES YES YES
Mister Icon Silver Wallpaper SwatchSilver YES YES
Mister Icon Space Grey Wallpaper SwatchSpace Grey YES YES YES
Mister Icon Gold Wallpaper SwatchGold YES
Mister Icon Rose Gold Wallpaper SwatchRose Gold YES
Mister Icon Purple Wallpaper SwatchPurple YES YES YES
Mister Icon Red Wallpaper SwatchRed YES YES YES
Mister Icon Blue Wallpaper SwatchBlue YES YES YES
Mister Icon Green Wallpaper SwatchGreen YES YES YES
Mister Icon Aqua Wallpaper SwatchAqua YES
Mister Icon Orange Wallpaper SwatchOrange YES

How To Use Wallpapers

  1. On an iOS device, tap and hold on the wallpaper you wish to use, then choose Save Image.
  2. Then go to SettingsWallpaper and tap 'Choose a New Wallpaper'.
  3. Tap Camera Roll and select the wallpaper you just saved. Pinch to zoom the wallpaper to fill the screen if necessary, then tap Set and choose Set Home Screen.
Note: These steps may differ depending on your device and iOS version.

How To Use Wallpapers

  1. On an Android device, tap and hold on the wallpaper you wish to use, then choose Save Image.
  2. Now you just have to set this newly downloaded image as your wallpaper. The exact steps may differ depending on the brand of your device and its Android version.
    • For Sony devices running Android 4.4 KitKat+: Tap your downloaded image from the swipe down notifications tray and open it in the Album app. Then tap once, select the menu button in the top-right corner and choose Use asWallpaper (Album)CropCrop
    • For Samsung devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Tap your downloaded image from the swipe down notifications bar and open it in the Gallery app. Then hit the device menu button, choose Set asHome screenCrop photoDone
Note: If you have changed the default apps for dealing with image files, these steps may need modification, or you may need to reset the 'Launch by Default' options for your apps in Settings.

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