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Mister Icon is an app that allows you to easily add labels/categories/headings to your iPhone or iPad home screen, in the form of text-based icons.

Sample text-based icons in the Mister Icon app

Sample text-based icons in the Mister Icon app

Think of the icons being a bit like stickers/labels/signs placed on bookshelves in a library or bookstore.  If you're looking for a specific book, you'll find it eventually even without labelled shelves, but if the bookshelves are clearly marked with category/genre labels, you can find what you're looking for much more quickly and easily.

Unhappy Mister Icon with unlabelled bookshelves in his libraryHappy Mister Icon with clearly labelled shelves in his library

Each of Mister Icon's icons is actually just a special web link to a unique web page containing the desired icon.  That means if you tap on one of the icons after it is installed on your home screen, it does nothing more than re-open your web browser to that unique web page, so you can install another icon the same if desired.

Mister Icon install blue games icon web page

Sample Mister Icon install web page for a blue 'Games' icon

Mister Icon likes to keep things simple.
In fact, once you've installed some Mister Icons on your home screen and moved them into the desired location, you'll probably never need to touch them again! (Unless you feel like changing to a different icon design or colour scheme of course, in which case you just need to delete the original icon and install a new one from the Mister Icon app.)

Sample System, Web and Games Mister Icons installed on a home screen to help distinguish between those different categories of apps

Sample Mister Icons for 'System' 'Web' and 'Games', installed on a home screen to help distinguish between those different categories of apps

Mister Icon

What Mister Icon DOES NOT do:

The Mister Icon app does NOT do any of the following:

Unfortunately, most of these capabilities are not possible given existing operating system constraints.

What Mister Icon DOES do:

Provides a simple way to add text label icons to your home screens
(and helps make your home screens look nice with matching wallpapers)

I used to also say that Mister Icon DOES NOT do the following:

But actually, these features ARE possible if you install Mister Icon labels via a special method that utilises Apple's Shortcuts app. This installation method is more complicated than the usual ‘Add to Home Screen’ method, but Mister Icon now includes a detailed Tips & Tricks section with very extensive instructions on how this can be achieved. So if you really want your icons to do something useful when you tap on them, you can make them do just that!

Mister Icon

Use your creativity and make Mister Icon work in whatever way makes the most sense to you!

Use one icon per page (top-left works well) or add multiple icons to each row of apps on your home screen.

Use all the same style and coloured icons for a consistent look, or mix it up and use different colours and styles to represent different types of apps.

What you do is up to you!

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