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Who is Mister Icon?

Mister Icon

Mister Icon is someone who is obsessed with having neat and tidy mobile devices. He loves trying out new apps and has a very large collection, all nicely organised with different labels. Mister Icon loves eating chocolate and wearing stylish hats.

How many icon labels are in the Mister Icon app?

Mister Icon contains 20 different icon sets (6 of which are round) and 153 icons in each of those sets.

Icon styles in the Mister Icon app

Current icon styles in the Mister Icon app

How many colour schemes are in the Mister Icon app?

There are 45 different ready-made colour schemes built into the app, and you can create your own custom colour schemes too! Just choose your own text and background colours via black/white preset buttons, by using the app's colour wheel, or by entering six digit hexadecimal colour codes.

Colour schemes in the Mister Icon app

Built-in colour schemes

Customisable colour wheel and hexadecimal colour code in the Mister Icon app

Custom colour scheme creation

Does Mister Icon do ......... ?


The Mister Icon app is designed for simplicity, but some additional functionality is possible, particularly if the icons are used in conjunction with Apple's Shortcuts app.

Please visit the About page for more details about what the app does and does not do.

Can I have icons with transparent backgrounds?

Unfortunately no.  Apple does not currently support transparent home screen icons for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

However, using a wallpaper the same colour as the icon background can result in a similar effect.

The Mister Icon app provides an assortment of ready-made wallpapers, plus you can now easily customise these wallpapers with exactly the colours you want, which makes matching your icon and wallpaper colours a simple task.

(In the interest of full transparency, please note that an exact match may not be possible in all situations due to operating system constraints. Normally it works perfectly, but occasionally iOS/iPadOS will automatically adjust the brightness of a wallpaper, meaning that even if the icon and wallpaper are exactly the same colours, they still might not match perfectly once the wallpaper is applied to the home screen.
As mentioned though, this is rare—most of the time it works fine. Light colours like white are often the ones that have issues.)

Please visit the Wallpapers page for more information.

Can I have round icons?

New round icons in Mister icon app version 2.5

Yes, you can!  Mister Icon currently includes six special circular/round icon sets.

“How can this be?” You might be asking. Apple doesn't allow home screen icons to be circles!

Well, you're right! iOS/iPadOS currently does not allow for actual circular icons, but Mister Icon provides a special way to emulate the look of a circular icon. You just need to choose the icon and the colour you like, then choose an icon background colour that will effectively fill in the ‘corners’ of the icon (i.e. the area outside the circle). Then you just need to make sure to use a home screen wallpaper in a matching colour, so that the corners effectively blend in.

This might sound tricky, but it's really quite straightforward, and my app includes examples and more information to show how it all works. Round icons can really make your home screen stand out from the pack.

(Once again, just to be clear, round icons and wallpapers might not always match perfectly so you might not always be able to get the ideal round effect. Most of the time it's fine, but just occasionally you might run into issues due to the operating system.)

Does the Mister Icon app support Apple Watch, Apple TV or Apple Vision Pro?

No. While each of these devices has a home screen with apps that could potentially benefit from Mister Icon's organisational labels, it is unfortunately not currently possible to add icons other than apps to these home screens.

Maybe one day the watchOS, tvOS and visionOS platforms that power these products will add the required capabilities that could make Mister Icon work on Apple Watch, Apple TV or Apple Vision Pro, but at least for now Mister Icon supports iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS) only.

Does Mister Icon require a subscription, or contain in-app purchases or advertisements?

No!  Definitely not.  The Mister Icon app is a one-off purchase.
Buy once for access to all of Mister Icon's icons and wallpapers, including any new ones added to the app in the future.

Sounds great! Where can I get this app?

Mister Icon is available on the App Store.

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