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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mister Icon?

Mister Icon

Mister Icon is someone who is obsessed with having neat and tidy mobile devices. He loves trying out new apps and has a very large collection, all nicely organised with different labels. Mister Icon loves eating chocolate and wearing stylish hats.

How many icons are in the Mister Icon app?

Mister Icon contains 14 different icon sets, with 12 different colour variations of each and 141 icons in each set.

Icon styles in the Mister Icon app

Current icon styles in the Mister Icon app

Colour variations in the Mister Icon app

Colour variations in the Mister Icon app

Does Mister Icon do ......... ?

Probably not.  The Mister Icon app is designed for simplicity.

Please visit the About page for more details about what the app does and does not do.

Can I have transparent icons?

Unfortunately no.  Apple does not currently support transparent home screen icons for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  Using a wallpaper the same colour as the icon background can result in a similar effect, but an exact match may not be possible in all situations.  Please visit the Wallpapers page for more information.

Can I have round icons?

Yes, you can!  Version 2.5 of Mister Icon has introduced the ability to add round/circular icon labels to your home screen, through the use of special round icon sets and matching wallpapers. They technically aren't real round icons, as Apple doesn't allow for that, but the finished effect can still look the same, although as above, the effect might not work in all situations.

You can find more information about circular icons on my homepage, if you haven't done so already.

Does Mister Icon contain in-app purchases or advertisements?

No!  The Mister Icon app is a one-off purchase.
Buy once for access to all of Mister Icon's icons, including any new icons added to the app in the future.

I'm convinced, where can I get this app?

Mister Icon is available on the App Store.

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Mister Icon — The app to sort out your other apps!

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If you have any feedback, suggestions for future icons, or just want to say 'Hi', I'd love to hear from you.
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