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Welcome to my weblog!

Here is where I plan to write about some interesting topics in relation to my icon label app, as well as other topics to do with iPhone/iPad and technology in general. I plan to primarily focus on topics like accessibility and useability, as that's basically what my app is all about—making your iOS/iPadOS devices just that bit more useable and making your apps easier to access.

Feel free to ignore this part of my site if you don't care about what I have to say. All the important information about Mister Icon app updates will continue to be found on the Updates page. This is just a section with additional information, that hopefully some of you out there might find useful and/or interesting.

How to help a friend or family member choose the right iPhone or iPad and make an easy to use home screen

24 October 2021

Helping a less-technically-savvy friend or family member to purchase, set up and use an iPhone or iPad can be an important task.

And even though Apple has a generally well-deserved reputation for user-friendliness, there are still ways that user interaction with Apple devices can be improved with a bit of thought and time.

Here I offer some suggestions about how to help a friend or family member to find the right iPhone or iPad to suit their needs, and then how you can help them to make an easy to operate home screen with the help of my Mister Icon app.

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An introduction to my blog

29 September 2021

Thank you for visiting my web site!

This is the part of my site where I plan to write about a range of interesting topics, some of which might be directly related to my icon label app, and others which might be related to technology in general, or something else entirely.

Since Mister Icon is an app designed for iPhone and iPad devices, I'll be focused primarily on Apple technology.

Each blog post (including this one) will have a Read More button, a heading and a picture. Click any of these to be taken to the full article.

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